Novacel's expertise at your service

Novacel's expertise involves a deep understanding of all types of materials: stainless steel, pre-coated metals, plastics, glass, decoratives laminates and many others.

We are familiar with your manufacturing processes, including the most demanding such as LASER Cutting and Deep Drawing.

We are the inventors of a flagship technology called Easy Peel that allows you to protect your operators in their workplace environment. Considering the health and wellbeing of people and our planet as a priority, we design solutions with an eco-responsible vision and act in a socially responsible way.

Our constant innovation is the result of years of collaboration, listening to our customers and our recognized expertise in the field.

On your materials

Novacel specializes in providing top-quality surface solutions for a wide range of materials. Whether you need a processing and protective films for your bare metals, pre-laquered metals, plastic sheets, or even glass surfaces, we have the expertise to help you.

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On your processes

From deep drawing and laser cutting to postforming and more, thanks to its knowledge of the market needs, Novacel can support you to facilitate your processes Trust us to deliver premium and innovative solutions that enhance the specifity and aesthetics of your products.

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Our innovations

With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we have developed processing and protective films with innovative functionalities. Our solutions now respond to needs such as a quieter working environment, the limit of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) risks, or even the reduction of ecological impact.

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