Oxygen Recycled

Thanks to the new OXYGEN Recycled range of processing and protective films, Novacel helps you reduce your impact on the environment by using recycled raw materials, thereby saving the resources of our planet.

25% of recycled content in Oxygen recycled films

We use a large percentage of recycled LDPE content in our films. This is a starting point: as Novacel’s R&D teams are working to increase this percentage to continue to save our planet’s precious resources.

The use of recycled content brings with it the additional advantage of reducing the film's carbon footprint. Depending on your film consumption, this saving can represent several hundred tons of CO2 on a yearly basis! Our experts can assess this saving for you.

Novacel selects the best quality of recycled LDPE pellets for your valuable surfaces and to bring you the following advantages:

  • 25% recycled LDPE content (internal certificate available)
  • 11% less carbon** than an equivalent traditional film
  • Performances characteristics equal to fossil-based products : mechanical, adhesive, UV resistance...
  • 100% recyclable
  • Printable : use your surface solution as a tool to communicate on your environmental approach
  • Films in the OXYGEN Recycled range are perfect for the followung materials: pre-coated metals, glass, wood and window profiles. Do not hesitate to share your project with us.

Recycled and recyclable

Oxygen Recycled films are also recyclable. Made of LDPE, they are classed as category 4 recyclable plastics.

Recyclers* can process rolls-end and peeled films to produce new pellets which can be used to create new products or items such as like pipes, cores, bags and so on.

OXYGEN 3120: the first film based on recycled LDPE by Novacel

Thanks to this new film, Novacel can provide you with a way to reduce your CO2 footprint by 11%**

Especially designed for the pre-coated panels, this film contains 25% of recycled LDPE, giving it its specific aesthetic. It offers all the mechanical properties needed for your surface throughout  all the processes it will undergo:

  • Stable adhesion
  • Optimal resistance to mechanical and thermal processing (drilling, cutting, bending, foaming, profiling…)
  • Easy removability without tearing
  • 3 months outdoor resistance worldwide
  • Recyclability

*A list of approved recyclers is under construction

**Based on internal assessment;LCI will be available by mid-2022 on the INIES database