Processing & Protective Films for IGU

Processing & Protective Films for IGU

Windows are among of the first items to be installed in a new building, protecting it from the outdoor environment. For that reason it is highly vulnerable to damage during the remaining construction work, which may take months. That is why we have developed a range of solutions specifically for Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).

Thanks to an adhesive film, the glass will be immune to the external attack that can occur at any stage of the manufacturing & construction process. 

No more cleaning or replacing will be needed on completion of construction and no more late fees and disputes! Customers are satisfied and returns are almost non-existent.

IGU Insulated glass units windows

Novacel Films for glass

stack of IGUs

Our films applied when the insulating glass module is manufactured and stays on it until termination of construction work.

This kind of adhesive film is a remarkable shield against all types of environmental attack that glass can face on a construction site: cement, paint, silicone, grinding sparks, and more.

This range also comes with a 12-month warranty. This is the best warranty available on the market. 

It is designed to be easily removed in a single piece and without excessive effort, even after 12 months!

The economic benefits you get from a processing and protective film for glass 

Our efficient solutions for glass provides numerous advantages

  • Reductions in your general costs
  • Substantial reductions in after-sales service costs: up to 30%!
  • Reductions in time spent managing aftersales claims
  • Reductions in cleaning costs on site 
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced brand image
  • Invest a just a few cents for a peace-of-mind construction!

Discover our range of processing and protective films for IGU!

How is this film applied on glass? 

The film is ideally applied in the factory during the fabrication of IGUs using an application machine. 

Walco's VX2 vertical application machine allows Novacel range to be applied to both sides of the glazing with a free margin all around to allow the joinery to be assembled without trapping the film inside.

The machine adapts to all sizes of IGU, avoiding film wastage.