Building & Architecture

Building & Architecture

The building market is going through major changes worldwide. Indeed, building professionals and architects are obliged to propose solutions to counter global warming while also ensuring human well-being (air quality, noise reduction) using acceptably costed innovative, energy-efficient materials. 

In addition to the need for ecological innovation, material manufacturers are now offering modern and increasingly aesthetic materials. The last few years have seen new trends in matte surfaces and elegant colors that imitate the look and feel of prestigious materials such as wood, metal and stone.

The market therefore needs to take these developments into account.

Benefit from Novacel's expertise in Building and Architecture

As an expert in surface solutions, Novacel assists manufacturers at every stage in the production and processing of their materials in order to preserve their value.

As a customer, you can benefit from Novacel’s deep expertise in Building and Architecture, whether for insulating or sandwich panels for facades, windows, doors, architectural facades, stairs and lifts, roofs, or even photovoltaic panels. We are familiar with all materials and recent developments in them: aluminum, stainless steel, pre-painted metal, plastics, laminates and glass.

Based on our knowledge of the manufacturing processes in Building and Architecture, Novacel can recommend to you the most relevant solution that best fits your needs. Whether you fold, punch, laser-cut, profile or foam your material, our wide range of processing films can meet the requirements of every industrial process. Among our most innovative solutions, we offer the Olympeaks range: premium high-adhesion films for special pre-coated metals. This range is suited to rough and structured substrates used in the construction market. 

Discover Oxygen: our latest innovation 

Our latest innovation in film is our eco-friendly range directed at reducing your carbon footprint. The Oxygen range offers solutions based on mass balance technology or on recycled polyethylene; they are fully recyclable and use less fossil resources.

In addition to processing films, we offer aluminum splicing and metal masking for industrial painting applications. Double-sided foam tapes for fixing and mounting plastic components are also available. Because every project is unique, Novacel’s R&D team, with its materials expertise, will examine each of your needs and propose the most suitable solution. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request you may have regarding an application in the Building market.

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