Processing & Protective Films for Other Plastics

Processing & Protective Films for Other Plastics

There is a very wide variety of plastic types such as PS, ABS, SAN, PE, PP plus possibilities for combining different types during the coextrusion process, such as ABS/PMMA, ABS/ ASA sheets, as well as specialties like HIPS.

All of which means that you need a flexible, reliable expert to find just the right solution for your needs.

The right solution for ABS/PMMA sheets

Coextruded ABS/PMMA sheets are popular because they combine the strength of ABS with high gloss or matte optics and the color options of acrylic. They are widely used now for furniture, hygiene and decoration applications.

The acrylic capped surface makes them vulnerable to scratching and requires high-quality solutions.

For the furniture industry, with 2D and 3D forming membrane press processes:

For general-purpose applications, Novacel 9020 is safe for use with thermoforming and compatible with the majority of fabrication constraints.

An efficient solution for all sheets: PS, HIPS, PE, PP, ABS, etc.

Did you know that Polystyrene (PS) is widely used for shower door glazing, or HIPS for refrigerator liners? 

Did you know that SAN sheets are perfect for industrial doors and covers due to their resistance to moisture and chemicals?

Polystyrene is a versatile, effective and attractive polymer. PS extruded sheets are the perfect short-term product and offer real value for many applications.

In its High Impact version, HIPS, it is a rubber-modified polystyrene sheet with improved impact strength and is easy to mold and cut, perfect for use in home appliances.

It is widely used in products such as interior parts for refrigerators, automotive parts and electronics for housings and other components of televisions, computers and all types of IT equipment.

Available in a variety of colors and designs, with glossy or matt finishes, it is easy to cut.

Stiff and lightweight, SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) sheets offer excellent resistance against water and chemical absorption. This copolymer is also easy to clean. 

Its light weight and UV resistance makes it suitable for applications such as glazing for industrial gates or greenhouses.

Novacel 9026 and Novacel 9823 are vacuum-formable, coextruded films with an easy-peel feature that is an advantage when removing the film after forming.​​​​​

example of other plastics

For matt and/or textured plastic sheets such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) sheets, among the wide variety of plastic sheet types, please contact Novacel to help you find your best processing film.

As reliable partner, Novacel continuously optimizes its products using its long-term expertise and extensive know-how. Together with you and our partners, we develop innovative and ecologically sustainable product solutions. That is why, for any new surface solution requirement, we will meet with you to define exactly what is key for you.