Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Industries constantly progress, investing in impressive new and automated installations. Innovative tools that can help meet tomorrow’s challenges such as the need to increase production and efficiency while working in a safer workplace and in a greener world.

The solution for demanding and constraining processes

Industrial manufacturing applications such as tanks, evaporators, spray dryers, reactors, vacuum cookers and vessels require hard, technical processes such as laser cutting, forming and deep drawing.

Such processes are highly demanding in terms of elevated pressures, high weight or friction. Without Novacel’s solutions, the materials would become unusable. They could be damaged, scratched or dented, unable to be transformed into robust, ergonomic and safe industrial equipment.  

From full extraction ventilation networks to a towering tanks, Novacel’s solutions provide the right level of adhesion. They will handle your process in addition to providing the mechanical properties that are needed for the best removability following processing or installation.

Novacel innovations

In addition, your operators, fitters and end-users can benefit from Novacel’s innovations such as its Lownoise technology and Easy Peel functionality. The former provides easy, noiseless roll unwinding and the latter facilitates film removal without leaving residue.

No material or finish is out of reach. Your request will always be studied according to your needs, your requirements and the wishes of your own customer. Because building the industry of tomorrow deserves nothing less than the full commitment of your innovative team enjoying the support of Novacel’s expertise.

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