Processing & Protective Films for Carpets & Textiles

Processing & Protective Films for Carpets & Textiles

With decades of experience in the carpet market and working in partnership with its main players, Novacel has designed technical products for use with carpets, especially component preparation.

Your automotive carpets require technical solutions

Carpets are an essential element in the design and creation of a vehicle. The wide variety of fibers used create the character desired by the automaker. The shaping of the complex will allow the floor covering to integrate perfectly into the interior.

This is no longer simply a matter of car carpet; this is a component of the vehicle

carpets for cars

All the constraints associated with this type of component have been taken into account. The insertion of a PVC heel pad requires a film to be designed with adhesives perfectly adapted to the PET carpet fibers.

Novacel 9840 and Novacel 9860 are designed for these applications.

Both laminating and shaping operations have a strong impact on the design of Novacel products.

Novacel automotive carpet films can be delivered with pre-cuts to facilitate and accelerate the application process.

Like the large majority of Novacel products, automotive films can be printed to showcase a brand as well as provide technical information.

carpets for cars under the pedals

Adhesive films for residential carpets

residential carpets

For residential carpets, the products offered are perfectly adapted to the different types of fibers.

The wide variety of carpets on the market requires that you use our recommendation service to find the Novacel product to match your expectations. 

A variety of films for trade show carpets 

Carpets for trade shows need solutions during and before exhibition stand set-up. Whatever the nature of the carpet fibers and finish, Novacel films such as Novacel 9358 are totally capable of guaranteeing preservation of the appearance until the first visitors arrive.

These products can withstand the usual constraints linked to trade show set-up (forklift traffic, humidity, paint splashes, perforation...)

carpets for trade show and exhibitions