Automotive & Transportation

Automotive & Transportation

The Automotive and Transportation market is constantly evolving. Manufacturers of cars, trucks, motorbikes, bus, trains and even RVs (Recreational Vehicles) have to meet an ever increasing number of challenges: safety, robustness and reduced weight, plus the environmental constraints of course.

In this context, the materials used in construction are increasingly expensive, scarce and lightweight. They are more vulnerable to scratches, damage and deterioration throughout the construction process: from component preparation up to and including delivery to the future owner of the means of transport.

Added to all the above, before arriving in manufacturers’ plants, the materials have undergone major  transformations through application of a range of industrial processes. But thanks to process films, those materials will have been preserved and can be safely integrated into automotive manufacturing processes.

Over 40 years of expertise in surface solutions for the transportation sector 

Backed by over 40 years of expertise in surface solutions and partnerships with the major players in the transportation sector, Novacel has a complete set of solutions for the preservation of all the types of internal and external parts that make up a vehicle. Complexed with other technical products, Novacel’s products are frequently used in aircraft, trains and ships and even in rockets!

Novacel’s solutions can be used with all kinds of surfaces for a wide range of applications in the transportation market:

  • Fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP) in the interiors of RVs, Buses and Containers
  • PMMA or Polycarbonate for lighting
  • PVC or wood flooring
  • Carpeting for headliners, floor carpeting
  • Glass for windshields, rearview mirrors, sunroofs
  • Aluminum trim, decorative parts, guard-rails
  • Pre-coated metals for vehicle bodywork
  • Stainless steel for laser-cut parts
  • Laminated kitchen furniture in caravans, RVs, recreational craft
  • Composite wood decking for boats

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Technical products adapted to all conditions

Novacel’s worldwide presence with local service centers allows us to offer suitable products, even with specific local acclimation features.

Our R&D labs are equipped with a range of tools to simulate standard requirements. For example, a WOM station allows us to vary temperature and humidity and simulate UV radiation to meet standards such as ASTM D1000.

Novacel expertise in technical tapes offers solutions for fixing, bonding and mounting all kinds of substrates with a wide range of high-performance double- sided tapes.

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