Novacel Special Machines

Novacel Special Machines

As an expert in surface solutions, Novacel offers a complete range of laminating and coating machines dedicated to all types of materials.

Thanks to its two brands of industrial machines, Walco and Omma, Novacel is able to provide you a tailor made and custom designed solution to meet your specific requirements.


Glue spreader


Laminate and apply automatically processing and protective films to most of the sensitive surfaces.

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Glue spreaders

Automatically apply a uniform layer of adhesive to your surfaces before laminating your covering.

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Waclo VX laminator

Special machines

Customize your machines to fit with your production process: in-line, on-line, vertical, horizontal..

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A complete range of services 

  • Novacel is providing a wide range of services to always keep your machines up to date and at full capacity: dedicated technical assistance
  • maintenance in your factory worldwide
  • maintenance pieces. 

Customer satisfaction being at the center of our values, we do our utmost to meet our commitments from a business, technical, delivery and service perspective.

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