Processing and protective films for Other Metals

Processing and protective films for Other Metals

Most pure metals with which we are familiar, such as aluminum, silver and copper, come from the earth’s crust. Metals are defined as materials that can be classified in different categories depending on their composition. They can be heavy or light, solid or malleable, shiny or brushed, and conductive. 

There are different types of other metals such as aluminum, zinc, titanium, copper alloys and many more, and they require the right adhesive solution during the manufacturing process.

All these metals have different structures and finishes.

Their main specificity is their good mechanical properties, which means that they can be easily processed thanks to their suitability for profiling, deformation, and so on.

Novacel other metals

house with parts made of metals

These metals are present day-to-day in modern life, everywhere around us, indoors and outdoors. They are frequently used in design & architecture, for example in high-rise building construction and interior decoration, as well as in most vehicles, many household appliances or tools.

For each type of application, Novacel can provide a myriad of solutions to meet producers’ technical requirements and end-user needs.