Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are

Who we are

As a leader in its industry for more than 40 years, Novacel constantly focuses on expertise and innovation in order to provide its customers and partners with the most appropriate surface solutions to preserve the value of their materials worldwide.

Novacel is part of the Chargeurs group and belongs to its technology division. Offering a complete range of technical films, tapes, papers and machines, we can assist you throughout your industrial processes in all market segments. As partners for your success, our teams work on a daily basis alongside you to develop reliable, high-performance products with unequalled technology backed by personalized services. Adopting a strategy based on proactive responsibility, we are committed to following your social and environmental policies.

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+90 International key accounts

780 Men & women around the world

3,000 Grateful customers

Our ambition

Novacel sets out to act as your expert for responsible surface solutions and to value your materials.

To achieve this, our teams are constantly innovating and work with selected partners and suppliers who share our vision of the industry.

Where responsibility is concerned, we focus our efforts on both planet and people, pursuing the following goals:

  • to work together to reduce both our carbon emissions and our energy consumption;
  • to value the women and men who work with us. That is why we pay particular attention to the working conditions of our employees and to those of our partners. For example, we have implemented strong safety and ethics rules internally and developed products that are easy to unwind and remove.
Who we are - Philippe Denoix - CEO Novacel

Innovation, Efficiency, and Pride are the values that drive our daily work and guide our actions at Novacel, whatever the challenges we face.

Whether it's about technological advances or environmental preservation, we believe in a resolutely forward-looking approach where innovation is at the heart of our DNA.
Over the years, we have built solid surface solutions expertise based on our range of process and protective films, technical papers, adhesive tapes, and special machines.
Thanks to our teams' dedication and strategic partnerships, we are proud to offer a complete range of products and services, helping shape the future of the materials industry.

Novacel strives for excellence. Thanks to our rigorous approach and constant concern for operational efficiency, we can offer our customers reliable and high-performance solutions worldwide.

Pride is what brings us together and motivates us. Every employee contributes to our collective success. This diversity of talents and ideas is our strength.

We're proud of our heritage, achievements, and teams, and we're proud to be the global market leader!

Philippe Denoix - CEO Novacel

Where we are

With several manufacturing sites and a network of service centers, Novacel is present throughout the world.
Numerous sales offices allow us to stay close to our customers.

Our history

During 40 years of innovation, expertise, and achievement, Novacel has been able to renew itself to meet each new challenges: industrial, commercial, and environmental. 

Throughout this evolution, the company has grown and has been able to work with partners who have become collaborators. 

1982 - Creation of Novacel

Twenty-two years after the Pricel Group launched its "Films and Adhesive Tapes" activity, it joined forces with the Chargeurs Group (formerly Chargeurs Réunis). This collaboration gave birth to Novacel in 1982. In the following years, Novacel kept growing by opening subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

1995 - Acquisition of Boston Tapes (Italy)

In 1995, Boston Tapes, an Italian company specialized in high-performance technical tapes and paper, joined Novacel. The company obtains the ISO 9002 certification (quality certification) in the same year. From 1998 to today, Boston Tapes has devoted many resources to technological innovation and has made new investments to increase production capacity and product quality. 

Nowadays, Boston Tapes is called Novacel Spa. 

2000 - Acquisition of IVEX PACKAGING

Novacel acquired IVEX PACKAGING, a specialty coater of performance products, now named Novacel Performance Coatings. 
NPC is now globally known for our high expertise in specific product coating. 

2016 - Acquisition of Main Tape (USA)

This combination of two key participants in the processing and protective films market strengthened Novacel's presence in North America.

In 2022, Main Tape officially became Novacel Americas.

2019 - Inauguration of TSC1

The launch of the TECHNO SMART COATING (TSC1) line is an achievement for Novacel. It highlights the company's ambition to deploy innovative technologies.

The TSC1 line is a real turning point for Novacel; it consolidates the respect of the industrial 4.0 standards and the company's projection towards a "zero emissions" objective.

2022 - New brand strategy for Novacel

The company, which used to comprise Novacel, Boston Tapes Commercial, Main Tape and Novacel Performance Coatings gather all its brands under just one: Novacel. 

Strong of a new strategy, a new logo and a new signature, Novacel reaffirms its goal to provide expertise, commitment & responsibility for people and planet.