Visual Communication & Signage

Visual Communication & Signage

Wherever we look, we see signs and displays. Signage is everywhere, used in the main for advertising, to attract customers or provide information. At any given location, we encounter road signs, safety notices, flags, brand displays and point-of-sale advertising, to name but a few.

For many companies, personalization and customization are key to creating eye-catching visual messages that not only get noticed, but also encourage consumers to act. 

Plastic sheets & metals offer endless creative possibilities for visual communication:

  • Acrylic sheets, based on their excellent weatherability and high light transmission, together with a variety of colours and textures, are among preferred materials for signs and displays in interior and shop designs, highlighting luxury and beauty. 
  • PETG sheets are easy to print and thermoform and are widely used. 
  • Polycarbonate, with its excellent impact resistance, is chosen for safety-related applications.
  • Aluminium composite panels, given the rigidity and strength they offer, are premium surfaces. This is the ideal material for digital printing or setting up outdoor projects: for example, long-lasting implementations such as road signs, or temporary advertising and informational signs.

Surface enhancement with Novacel solutions

Most of these materials end up as valuable units and deserve the best surface solution to preserve their initial perfect, high-value aspect, despite in many cases undergoing severe, demanding industrial fabrication processes such as cutting, folding, routing, laser cutting, drilling, bonding, bending and printing.

Producing such signs and displays, exhibition booths or shop fittings  is a major business  subject to continuous change with constantly evolving signage trends: new printing technologies, the latest generation of CNC  routers, new laser machines  have enabled high-definition, faster and more sophisticated automated processes that carry higher financial risk in the event  of breakdown or damage. 

As your committed partner, NOVACEL makes a point of staying ahead of novel technical developments and changes in technology in order to remain at your side, anticipating the risks and opportunities that are created and adjusting its solutions to match the new technical requirements of the machinery. For instance, the Digital Signage industry has been recently investing into “Green Signage”, in terms of the carbon footprint linked to power consumption and waste.

Full solutions for Visual Communication and Signage:

  • Novacel innovative adhesive tapes are among  the best splicing solutions for paper and film printing.
  • Novacel application tapes for transferring vinyl logos to plastics or metal surfaces to create messages.
  • NOVACEL continuously strives for innovation in order to develop unique, sustainable and high-quality solutions for this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Our experts are at your disposal to examine your needs regardless of how specific your project may be.

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