Discover Oxygen Recycled 3143

Discover Oxygen Recycled 3143

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Oxygen Recycled 3143 is a film dedicated to light structured pre-coated metals and PVC profiles like cable trunking. 

Novacel 3143 is part of the Novacel Oxygen Recycled family.

  • a 50µm film.

  • Black and white

  • Medium Adhesion 

Novacel 3143 has the same mechanical characteristics than 9373, its standard equivalent. It also has, a 6 months outdoor resistance on profiles and 3 months on other surfaces.

By choosing this recycled and recyclable film, you are immediately reducing your impact on the environment

  • by saving 11 % of CO2 emissions compared to a standard grade

  • by reusing fossil resources coming from post-consumer waste