Novacel Academy: guiding the talents of tomorrow

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In February 2021, the first Novacel Academy class started the training to become a coater. In nine months' time, the trainees will be able to obtain professional certification as industrial equipment operators, recognised in the industry.

"Supporting tomorrow's talent through apprenticeships in real-life conditions means offering them instruction by experts and formative field experience. We have been proud to support apprenticeships and youth employment for many years. The creation of Novacel Academy in a particularly difficult context is further proof of this", said Anne Loison, HR Director EMEA.

The next session will take place in January 2022. There is no need to hesitate any longer! Get in touch with us!

We plan to deploy Novacel Academy in all our other European and American production sites, and very soon in our Sessa Aurunca site in Italy.