Your creative potential, free-up you will

Your creative potential, free-up you will

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As a natural partner for your technological innovations, we enhance the high-end quality of your precious and sensitive materials during your most advanced LASER cutting operations.

We are proud to offer a galaxy of benefits such as premium adhesion, Low Noise technology, transparency, recyclable products with our outstanding and sustainable solutions.

And because we are bold, let’s make our dreams come true: in combination with film, we provide state-of-the-art lamination equipment to maximize their performance in terms of efficiency, productivity and waste reduction.

  • Cut in a single way surface & film, at full speed,
  • No bubbling, minimal shrinkage, accurate film edge,
  • No mark on surface, peel off in one piece,
  • Enhances your metals & preserves their integrity.

Discover the new transparent solutions !

  • Identify finishes & control the surfaces,
  • Suitable for stainless steel, aluminum and also pre-coated metals,
  • 2 levels of adhesion for full customer satisfaction.