OXYGEN Vegetal: sustainable films

Are you convinced that natural resources must be saved? Do you want to involve your entire value chain in your eco-design strategy?

By introducing biobased polyethylene or polypropylene, the OXYGEN Vegetal range is the best solution for manufacturers wishing to reduce their CO2 impact.

This range offers films that are biobased origin (plant oil waste & residue) and produced thanks to the Mass Balance approach.  

OXYGEN vegetal film achieves the best reduction of CO2 emissions

Oxygen Vegetal is Novacel's most eco-responsible range: 

  • ~30% CO2 footprint reduction compared to a standard film 
  • 100% recyclable

Made of LDPE, they are classed as category 4LDPE logo recyclable plastics.

Recyclers* can treat roll-ends and peeled films to obtain new pellets which can be used to create new products or items such as pipes, cores, bags…


Easy switch with your standard product

These films are compatible with all surfaces: metals, plastics, laminates, glass...and also with all surface transformation processes, including the most severe: drilling, stamping, foaming, profiling, cutting.

Performance characteristics are equal to your standard product: mechanical, adhesive, UV resistance.

Switch easily from your standard product to a Oxygen Vegetal one. For example:  

  • 4233 to 3000 and still benefit from 6 months outdoor warranty
  • 4228 to 3030 suitable for all Laser cutting processes

Those films are still printable. Use them as a tool for communication on your environmental approach. 

OXYGEN Vegetal is produced thanks to the Mass Balance approach  

The Mass Balance approach is an universal principle: a percentage of raw materials is replaced by responsible feedstock in the production at the early beginning of the manufacturing process. For each square meter of Novacel Oxygen Vegetal film, 30% of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) or Polypropylene is bio-sourced and mixed into our supplier's production.

OXYGEN Vegetal films are powerful tools to underpin your green strategy.

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*A list of approved recyclers is under construction