9212 Safety back film

Novacel 9212 Safety back film

Thickness 70µm / 2.8mil
Adhesion Very High
Color Clear Transparent
Outdoor guaranty none
Type of use Specialty
Materials Mirror backing and lacquered glass

​Scratches at the back of the mirrors or lacquered glass can be visible from the front side. If it occurs during fabrication, handling or processing, the glass is scrapped. Other advantage, safety film NOVACEL® 9212 avoids corrosion that damages the paint.

Perfect adhesion on paints

​NOVACEL® 9212 has been designed to stick on the paints at the back of the mirrors and is versatile enough to stick on the wide range of paints on the back of the lacquered glass also.

Wide widths

With a roll of NOVACEL® 9212 in 2,55m wide it is possible to protect a full DLF in one single pass ! this king size width offers a maximum of benefits such as ease of lamination (no need to overlap several stripes of films); time and costs savings at the lamination step.

Suitable for silicone adhesives

​Silicone adhesives are used to fix the mirror/lacquered glass on the wall. NOVACEL® 9212 is compatible with most of the silicone adhesives (mounting instructions from glass fabricator to be followed).

Nice aspect

​NOVACEL® 9212 is clear transparent with a glossy and homogeneous aspect when applied on the surface. This is very important when mirrors or lacquered glass are installed as dressing doors, or furniture doors.

Heat & humidity resistant

​NOVACEL® 9212 has been developed that is necessary when the mirror is installed in bathrooms or swimming pools for example.

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