Glass and Mirrors


Glass, a material considered highly stylish for its transparency, environmental benefits and the savings it can provide in buildings, is the versatile material par excellence. It is all arrounds us every day: in buildings (glazing, facades, railings, doors, partitions...) furniture (tables, shelves...), electronics and household appliances. 

Select the Novacel films that help you in your industrial process!

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  • Thickness : 35µm / 1.38mil
  • Adhesion : Medium
  • Color : Clear Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : 3 months for Plastics and PCM, 1 month for IGU and none for Acid Etching
  • Type of use : Processing and protective film

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  • Thickness : 70µm / 2.76mil
  • Adhesion : Low
  • Color : Clear Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : 12 months
  • Type of use : Protective film

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  • Thickness : 49µm / 1.93mil
  • Adhesion : Low
  • Color : Clear Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : 12 months
  • Type of use : Protective film

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  • Thickness : 49µm / 1.93mil
  • Adhesion : Low
  • Color : Blue Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : 12 months
  • Type of use : Protective film

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  • Thickness : 80µm / 3.15mil
  • Adhesion : Medium
  • Color : Clear Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : none
  • Type of use : Protective film

A dedicated range for the glass industry

As a highly prized architectural material, it embellishes buildings, by adding transparency, light and color.

Smart material, it is functionalizable, which allowing it to change its appearance, to heat, to inform and much more...

As a material for today and tomorrow, it will continue to go hand in hand with urbanization and the development of information technologies.

Our product range for glass has been developed to meet the specific needs of the glass industry.

  • To offer a dedicated solution for each type of glass/application
  • To protect glass throughout its life cycle, especially during the manufacturing process

Indeed, this range offers films to avoid soiling, scratches and corrosion, or to enhance safety for the most glass types:

  • Flat glass,
  • Insulating glass,
  • Mirrors and lacquered glasses,
  • Glass with functional coatings (e.g. low emissivity, anti-reflective, self-cleaning),
  • Fire resistant glass,
  • Tempered and laminated glass,
  • For the acid-etching processes.

Glass & mirrors

Each film matches to the specific features of the process: resistance to cutting (including under water), edge polishing, acid etching... as well as the chemical characteristics nature of the substrate. 

Whether you are a glass processor, an insulating glass manufacturer or  a window manufacturer there is a solution for you.

We have a solution for every challenge, and we are constantly innovating to accompagny the growth of this wonderful surface in a very domain.

Novacel, an expert for your glass surfaces

We at Novacel work closely with our customers/partners from initial analysis of their requirements up to delivery of the best solution for them. We have in-depth knowledge of the specificities of the glass world. The value of our technical support is recognized by our customers.

Our key strengths for the glass industry: 

Turnkey solutions:

  • Technical tapes, adhesive film and application machines. We bring you holistic, innovative solutions to help you use our products.

Novacel key features

  • Up to 12 months of external resistance on insulating glass (worldwide warranty)
  • Rolls in large widths
  • Wide range

Glass & Mirrors

Innovation is an integral part of Novacel’s DNA. We are constantly working on upcoming innovations to prepare future products ranges. Our new OXYGEN range of alternative eco-responsible films testifies to this approach. These films save resources and reduce CO2 emissions.