Processing and Protective Films

Processing and Protective Films

Whatever your surface, its manufacturing process or its final application, Novacel helps you find the processing and protective film to match what you need.

Many solutions are available. Use the filters to select them by materials, process of manufacturing, or by functionnality (Oxygen, Low Noise, Easy Unwinding, Easy Peel);

The best choice of film depends on many other criteria, such as the type of finish, the chemical nature of the substrate, and others. Don’t hesitate to contact us to analyze you need in details.

Once a product has been recommanded, it is essential to proceed to industrial approval.

How to proceed to industrial approval?

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  • Thickness : 58µm / 2.3mil
  • Adhesion : Very High
  • Color : Clear Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : none
  • Type of use : Protective film
4464 RLN

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  • Thickness : 100µm / 3.9mil
  • Adhesion : Very High
  • Color : Black/Grey
  • Outdoor guaranty : 6 months
  • Type of use : Process film

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  • Thickness : 57µm / 2.2mil
  • Adhesion : High
  • Color : Clear Transparent
  • Outdoor guaranty : none
  • Type of use : Protective film

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  • Thickness : 75µm / 3mil
  • Adhesion : High
  • Color : Black/Grey
  • Outdoor guaranty : 6 months
  • Type of use : Process film

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  • Thickness : 80µm / 3.1mil
  • Adhesion : Very High
  • Color : Black/Grey
  • Outdoor guaranty : 6 months
  • Type of use : Process film

How do you choose the right process and protective film?

Novacel offers worldwide a large range of innovative solutions to accompany your materials throughout your manufacturing processes.

This great variety of processing and protective films will meet the requirements of many existing surfaces as well as the various associated manufacturing and processing methods.

Getting the right match between the intrinsic properties of the protective foil and the characteristics of your surfaces and processes requires a great deal of expertise. At Novacel, we have this expertise.

The suitable processing and protective film depends on 3 factors

To recommend solutions to our customers, there are 3 factors to consider: 
•    Your material
•    Your manufacturing process and its life cycle
•    Your surface state

First of all, we need to know about the chemical parameters of the surface. That’s because every adhesive solution behaves differently according to surface type. Also, knowledge of the industrial process and life cycle of the surface is fundamental.

The solution suggested will vary according to whether your surface is stamped, folded or thermoformed, for example.

And lastly, your surface’s texture and relief will obviously influence our recommendation. 

At Novacel, thanks to our research laboratory, we can analyze your surfaces in the finest detail and test how our films behave on your materials. 

We recommend you the right processing and protective foil

Let’s take an example. 
Two samples of lacquered metal can look identical to the naked eye. If we apply a roughness meter to the samples to measure their surface state, it appears that the two surfaces are different.

So what will be the best solution for each of these two samples? Experience tells us that many processing and protective films could be suitable in terms of adhesivity. But only a few references can meet your manufacturing constraints and the life cycle of your product.

Novacel-2 surfaces

To guarantee that you get the right processing and protective film for your needs, we study its behaviour on your surfaces, taking into account your practical constraints.

This means that we can be sure that:

  • the initial adhesion will be satisfactory, 
  • it will be stable over time,
  • it will provide a processing and protective film that is optimized economically and ecologically

The differents types of processing and protective films:

Novacel offers a wide ranges of various foils to cover your surfaces: 

Films for all types of materials:

Films for all types of industrial process:

3 ranges of eco-responsible films

  • Eco-responsible films produced thanks to a mass balanced process: OXYGEN Vegetal
  • Eco-reponsible films made from a part of recycled content: OXYGEN Recycled
  • Eco-responsible films manufactured with a smaller parts of raw materials: OXYGEN Lean