Casting papers

Novacel offers high performance casting papers in both matte and high gloss finishes for the casting of vinyl films.

Vinyl films are a combination of polyvinylchloride (PVC) resin, plasticizers to soften the vinyl for flexibility, stabilizers to protect against heat and UV deterioration, color pigments, and modifiers to adjust performance characteristics.

Cast films are produced by pouring (casting) liquid vinyl onto Novacel’s casting papers. The cast film takes on a mirror image of the surface and gloss level of our high performance casting papers.

The casting papers serve as a carrier of the vinyl as it moves through heat curing ovens where the solvents are removed to fuse the remaining solids into a film. Once the film emerges from the oven it is ready for further converting whether embossing, digital/screen printing, lamination, or adhesive coating.

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