Release papers

Novacel manufactures release papers utilized in the traditional production of high pressure laminates (HPL) as well as new technology such as continuous pressure lamination (CPL).

High pressure laminates are manufactured by combining layers of Kraft paper treated with phenolic resin, decorative paper treated with melamine, protective overlay, and Novacel’ release papers. These sheets are then bonded together at high pressure and temperature to make a finished laminate, which is then used for countertops, tables, cabinets, and other various furniture and decorative applications.

Our high performing release papers impart a matte, gloss, satin or suede finish onto the decorative layer of the high pressure laminate while protecting it during the HPL or CPL process.

The released coated papers peel away easily leaving a high quality finish onto the laminate surface. Novacel’ release papers provide a more “Natural Wood” finish than alternative methods such as stainless steel plates, which leave the laminate looking too uniform and pre-engineered.

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