Novacel Spa

Novacel Spa

Novacel Spa is a Novacel production facility based in Sessa Aurunca in Southern Italy.

About 170 employees work on the 42,000 sq.m. production site.  

Several departments are represented: production and transformation, methods, research, quality, human resources, finance, both for Films and Technical Tapes.

Boston Tapes Commercial headquarter is also located in Sessa; it is now named Novacel Tapes and Technical Tapes are sold under the name Novacel.

Our teams have a high level of expertise in the formulation and mixing of adhesives (solvent-based, acrylic, silicone and water-based adhesives) as well as coating and converting processes.

Backed by highly motivated staff and extremely competent engineers and researchers, the site works with the other Novacel plants to analyze our customers’ needs and develop innovative solutions.

Previously named Boston Tapes, the plant has been fully operational since 1993. Novacel Spa is a modern, cutting-edge site that sets out to satisfy our customers’ requirements, as well as those of our employees and the local population.

In 2019, a new fully digitalized and automated production line was installed, complete with new automation technologies.

To reduce its environmental impacts and the use of energy resources, we constantly update the plant’s production line and equipment in line with the best available technologies (BAT) and Carbon Footprint regulations.

Material recovery is prioritized in our production process and energy is the focus of investment: use of cogeneration and solar panels, for example.

Sessa is particularly proud of its safety culture, which is deeply ingrained in the workforce. Very high levels of investment over the years, in addition to training, have allowed the site to achieve the significant target of 1,500 days without injuries with results that are a benchmark for the sector.

Compliant with:

  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • ISO 14001 environmental certification
  • ISO 45001 certification for the safety and health of workers
  • ISO 50001 energy certification

Ottorino Mastrilli – Managing Director

“Companies can only evolve if they operate in synch with their environment, and are able to integrate cultural, social and economic dimensions when interacting with one another.

We are serious about taking account of the quality and safety aspects while creating value for our customers by manufacturing our premium products and maintaining the highest level of commitment to environmental protection.”

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S.P. Cellole-Piedimonte
81037 Sessa Aurunca CE Italy

Phone : +39 0823 680211

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