Novacel Cranbury - USA

Novacel Cranbury - USA

Novacel Cranbury is a Novacel production facility based in Cranbury, New Jersey, USA

70 employees work in the 115,200 sq. m. production site.

Previously named Main Tape, Novacel Cranbury produces processing and protective films.

Novacel assembles a top-notch Management Team full of visionary leaders who deeply understand the talents our people bring to the table and how to best utilize their varied backgrounds to achieve our mission.

We create the pathways for careers in which passionate, experienced employees can demand more of themselves, deliver on our promises to our customers, express their ideas for innovation across every department and appreciate their role in the “big picture” to accomplish our goals.

Novacel strives to do things the right way; even if it isn’t the easiest way! That includes sustainability practices to reduce the carbon footprint of our portfolio.

We are proud to be a member and Certified Responsible Tape Manufacturer (RTM) of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC).

PSTC is a North American trade association of tape manufacturers and their affiliated suppliers dedicated to the production of quality pressure sensitive adhesive tape products worldwide. PSTC’s RTM program certifies companies through education and training of these three categories: Environment, Personnel and Quality.

This is a testament that we invest time and resources into ensuring our manufacturing practices exceed industry standards. We focus on the success and safety of our team, our impact on the environment and our product quality. This certification highlights our commitment to providing “Confidence on Contact” to each and every customer.

Novacel is also proud to donate to the “Make a Wish Foundation”.  Thanks to the donations, children with critical illness will receive a life changing wish.  Our organization also supported a local community center for underprivileged children.

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One Capital Drive
08512 Cranbury, New Jersey United States

Phone : (609) 395-1704

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