Omma Gluing machines

Omma powered by Novacel glue spreaders apply a thin layer of glue to flat surfaces with precision and uniformity.

Glue spreaders Omma

The perfect dosage allows an optimal application of the coating without any excess of glue, thus optimizing production costs. It is used, for example, to facilitate the assembly of laminates on wood panels, or the interior lining of mobile homes and campers. 

Whatever your application, our gluers are designed to apply most adhesives used in the industry: water-based, PU, Hot Melt or other liquid materials.

Reel converters

Novacel meets your needs for unwinding and rewinding for cross or lengthwise cutting of materials in rolls. Generally used in the printing or graphic industry, Novacel's roll converting machines are suitable for converting all types of materials into rolls of different lengths and sizes to obtain small and easily machinable products.

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