Walco Lamination machines

LaminatorWalco powered by Novacel offers the widest range of industrial laminators dedicated to the horizontal or vertical application of processing and protective film.

Perfect application of your films

Walco laminators allow easy and fast application of your film without wrinkles or bubbles on any type of flat surface: glass, wood, metals, plastics... Custom-built, the laminators perfectly integrate into your production process. 

Walco’s patented technologies allow a unique precision of application with a flexible cutting system: perfectly at the edge, with a negative or positive margin.

Effectiveness in your production process

Efficiency and time optimisation in your production processes are essential. Thanks to a constant exchange on the requirements and constraints faced by our customers, our technical departments have developed machines and accessories that will enable you to optimize your production:

  • Automated vertical lamination for glass panels
  • Automatic change of the rolls for horizontal lamination
  • High pressure cleaning system of gluing rollers
  • Robotized loading and unloading of your production lines.

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