Tailor made solutions

We are focusing on tailor made and custom designed solutions, adapted to meet your specific requirements: specific widths, permanent lamination, high-speed producing lines, robotized devices for complete automated lines...

A partner in the creation of your line

Slitting machine

Whether under the brand of Walco or Omma, Novacel ‘s machine division provides several accessories and modules allowing the manufacturing of a production line or the integration of new machines in your existing line:

  • Brushing machine or aggregate
  • Lifting tables and feeders
  • Rollers or disc conveyors
  • Robotic arm for workpiece handling
  • Bidirectional translators
  • Turning devices
  • De-palletizer and automatic palletizer to handle panels at the entrance and exit of the lamination process

Complete gluing, laminating and protecting lines automate your production.

It optimises the production’s speed while maintaining quality.

Each line is customized to meet the specific needs of our customers: continuous production, high speed or specific dimensions in terms of thickness and widths.

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Saint-Gobain Glass trusts us

Glassolutions, a subsidiary of Saint Gobain Glass, integrated a complete solution of laminating machines and films. They started with a Novacel’s film and developed a laminating’ solution to integrate into their insulating glass manufacturing.

“We have been able to reduce the number of after-sales service issues on job sites by four” – Adrien Puichaud –Operational Marketing Manager – Glassolutions.

Discover the successful partnership between our 3 brands in this short video:

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